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this is not just a movie. this is a movement.

We started out wanting to make an anti-bullying movie.  Something that might change the way people see this issue.  However, the more we reached out connected with our audience, we realized that this is more than just a movie.  This is a movement.  Now, before we make this movie, we want to rally the troops that will help to make that change.  This is how we’re going to do that. 

Why We’re Doing this

What is bullying? It’s physical, verbal or psychological attacks or intimidation against a person who cannot properly defend himself or herself.  It includes two key components: 1. Repeated harmful attacks.  2. Imbalance of power.

Bullying is an epidemic in the US right now... and it needs to stop:



Energizing Project intro

It has been almost half a year since our Indiegogo campaign ended and we’re beyond excited to finally tell you about the new direction ...


Our Team Intro

This team came together because of one reason, our passion towards this cause – to stop bullying.  Each member of our team ...


Fundraising joining the movement

You’ve met our team and you know why we’re doing this, but the simple fact is that we can’t do it alone. We need your help.  To create ...